By High Rise

The History of 7/10

On July 10th, cannabis enthusiasts around the world come together to celebrate "7/10", a cannabis holiday that has become synonymous with concentrates & dabbing. This special date holds immense significance in the evolving cannabis culture and for us at American Weed Co.

Let's break it down.

The Origins of 7/10:
The history of 7/10 as a cannabis holiday can be traced back to the early 2010s when the cannabis concentrate scene began to flourish. As dabbing gained popularity as a method of consuming concentrated cannabis extracts, a unique subculture within the cannabis community began to emerge. Enthusiasts sought a date to honor and celebrate the concentrated form of cannabis, similar to the way 4/20 commemorates the plant as a whole.
The Birth of 7/10:
The term "710" holds a special significance in the concentrate community. When flipped upside down, it resembles the word "oil." This clever wordplay became a symbol of concentrates and a rallying cry for the 7/10 movement. Over time, the date July 10th became associated with the culture surrounding cannabis concentrates, and 7/10 evolved into a holiday devoted to celebrating this potent and evolving aspect of cannabis consumption.
The Impact of 7/10 on the Cannabis Industry:
The emergence and growing popularity of 7/10 as a cannabis holiday have had a significant impact on the industry. The heightened awareness and excitement surrounding the holiday attract both regular consumers and new customers, contributing to increased revenue for businesses. 7/10 presents an opportunity for dispensaries and cannabis brands to drive sales by offering promotions and discounts on concentrates.
Celebrating 7/10: 
On 7/10, cannabis enthusiasts engage in various traditions and activities to celebrate the holiday. These festivities often revolve around the art of dabbing and the enjoyment of cannabis concentrates. 
The Future of 7/10:
As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, 7/10 is likely to grow in popularity and significance. The holiday serves as a platform for enthusiasts, brands, and consumers to come together, appreciate the artistry of dabbing, and celebrate the ever-expanding world of cannabis concentrates. American Weed Co remains at the forefront of support for this movement, providing our infused product lines to those looking for a quality concentrate.
From its humble origins within the concentrate community to the vibrant celebrations that take place today, 7/10 represents the dynamic and ever-evolving cannabis culture. American Weed Co proudly supports 7/10, inviting you to join the festivities, explore high-quality concentrates, and embrace the rich history behind this remarkable holiday.
Happy 7/10 from American Weed Co :)