American Weed Co. is on a mission to legalize weed for Veterans nationwide, destroy the stigma, and give back to those who serve -- the unsung heroes who enrich our daily lives.

A part of every purchase flows back into the very heart of our community through organizations like Stop Soldier Suicide and Responder Strong.

With American Weed Co., you're not just elevating your own experience; you're uplifting those who've selflessly served our society. Here, every choice you make is a step towards a more enlightened, inclusive future.


Our lobbying efforts

We have one of the few voting seats on the National Cannabis Roundtable, an alliance of cannabis companies, as well as ancillary services and solutions providers, who seek cannabis reform which nurtures the nascent domestic industry, protects consumers and advances social equity.

We are committed to sensible regulation, criminal justice reform, social equity and community reinvestment.

Destroy The Stigma