By Kimi Blair

Bottlerock Festival 2023

American Weed Company Sets The Stage at this years Bottlerock Festival !  


Bottlerock Festival has always embraced the connection between music and cannabis culture. As more states and communities embrace the legalization and acceptance of cannabis, the festival provided a platform to celebrate this evolving culture. American Weed Companies' presence at Bottlerock showcased their commitment to providing high-quality cannabis products to enhance the festival experience, while promoting a responsible approach to cannabis consumption.


Post Malone, known for his genre-blending sound and mesmerizing stage presence, delivered a show stopping performance that left the crowd in awe. Wu-Tang Clan brought their signature East Coast rap to the stage, energizing the audience with their iconic hits and lyrical prowess. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, known for their high-energy rock anthems, had the crowd dancing and singing along to their classic tunes. Lizzo, a force of nature with her empowering lyrics and infectious energy, delivered a powerhouse performance that had everyone feeling empowered. 


American Weed Companies "Foxhole" karaoke activation became a standout and talk of the festival. Festival-goers flocked to the booth to get their hands on some Devil's Dawn and stayed for the karaoke sessions. Adding this surprise element created an inclusive and joyous experience, with participants belting out their favorite tunes and receiving enthusiastic support from the crowd.


The "Foxhole" was such a hit, we even had hip hop legend Warren G come by to grace the stage for a special performance leaving life long memories to everyone in attendance.


American Weed Company was provided with the perfect setting to showcase their exceptional line of cannabis products including Devils Dawn, Bombed Buzz and Armored Angel which provided festival-goers with a range of options to suit their preferences. 


As the festival came to a close, attendees departed with memories of unforgettable performances and an appreciation for the integration of cannabis culture. American Weed Company found this to be the perfect setting to introduce customers to the Devils Dawn, Bombed Buzz and Armored Angel products they have spent so much time perfecting.


Bottlerock Festival continues to solidify its position as a premier music festival destination, promising even greater experiences for future attendees. A true testament to the harmonious relationship between music and cannabis culture, and we can't wait to fire up the "Foxhole" again next year.