By Kimi Blair

Hall of Flowers Private Dinner Party

When most people think about Sonoma County they picture rolling hills and vineyards. When Sonoma County crosses our mind we think about it being the port to the Emerald Triangle. The harbor that connects the mountains to civilization, the mountains that birthed cannabis culture in the United States. Santa Rosa has been a major check point in California cannabis and happens to be the home of some of the biggest compliant festivals and trade shows. The Emerald Cup set a standard for industry awards and has continued to be a pioneer in our community. A few years back Hall of Flowers popped up as the premiere B2B show in the space. Hall of Flowers took the industry by storm by hosting keynotes and panels with the likes of Gary V, Chelsea Handler, Berner, Shepp Gordon, Bobby Hundreds and other cultural thought leaders. Here we are in 2023 and they continue to bridge the industry and culture allowing our community to grow stronger as we approach federal legalization.
Our team walked the show both days but our real business in wine country was to host a special dinner for some of our old and new friends. The sun set over the vineyard as cars rolled in to drop off our guests. Down by the pool Bruno from the Luxe Roll Bar was hand twisting up joints of our Devils Dawn like a seasoned sushi chef. On the other side of the hot tub was our bartender mixing cocktails and pouring glasses of local wine. As the apps flowed our guests made their way to the candle lit dining tables awaiting the main event.
If you guys are just getting to know us here at AmWeCo you will soon learn that if there is one thing we love, it’s throwing special events for our friends. Little things that we hope our guest remember forever. On this particular evening the menu was selected specifically to pair with the terpenes in our products. As the dishes came out our in-house Terpologist Justin ran through the tasting notes of our joints and explained how they would compliment the flavors on each plate. The pork chop mixed with the sweetness of the Bombed Buzzed preroll was a favorite before our guest got nostalgic and started poking at apples to smoke joints out of. The night ended with cakes and confetti to celebrate our team members Anna and Justin’s birthdays.
Under the string lights our little dinner party laughed, danced and sparked joints around the fire pit. Everyone went home with a little goodie bag filled with AmWeCo products and hopefully some great memories and some stories to tell. Experiences like this are what make this plant and community so beautiful. It’s another way for people to connect…. It’s just weed.